Splicing Connector
Product Introduction
Good performance in communication

Make a clean, solid and rapid connection of your wires to keep your communication lines free of noise. Also are available to handle a wide range of conductor sizes and allows you to handle higher pairs wire.

MATERIAL: Solid Copper
INSULATION: PC (Polycarbonate)
Gel filled for Moisture Resistance

Specification Explanation
 Item No.  Max Insulation O.D. (mm)  Application Color
 UR  1.67 A two- or three-wire connection for Y type divergence wire of solid copper 0.9~0.4mm (19~26AWG) air core or 0.65~0.4mm (22~26AWG) filled cable RED
 UY  1.52 A two-wire connector for solid copper 0.65~0.4mm (22~26AWG) cable YELLOW
 UB  1.27 A tap connector for T type divergence wire of solid copper 0.65~0.4mm (22~26AWG) air core or 0.5~0.4mm (24~26AWG) filled core cable BLUE